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Online Web Based Training Available for CorasWorks on SharePoint

Increasingly, CorasWorks is being used by people new to SharePoint and outside of the IT department.  In order to make CorasWorks training more available to a broader audience, we’ve added online, structured Web Based Training (WBT) to the Resources section of the CorasWorks Community. This makes it easier and more convenient for all of your “builders” across your organization to learn how to customize, connect, and build with CorasWorks on SharePoint.  They simply need to register as a member of the Community (anyone can) and then they can access the WBT.

There are 5 WBT modules with 27 videos in all. It is a total of 3 hours of training material.  The training targets the starting “builder” using the Workplace Suite v10.  It is an excellent primer for power users in your business groups to learn to customize apps on their own.  It is also is a great starting place for “builders” that are building apps with CorasWorks.

To access it:

  1. Go to the CorasWorks Community http://community.corasworks.net
  2. Log-in or click Register (link at the top) to register for the community
  3. Go to the Resources tab
  4. Go to the Video Library resource and select the view (in the upper left hand corner of the display) named Video Library – by Training Module .

The modules are:

  • WBT – 01 Introduction to Workplace Suite v10 (6 videos)
  • WBT – 02 Data Displays General (4 videos)
  • WBT – 03 Using the Display Wizard (8 videos)
  • WBT – 04 Calendar Displays (4 videos)
  • WBT – 05 Chart Displays (5 video)

Most of the videos in each module have a short quiz at the end to test what you learned – good luck earning your gold star!