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Fast Adoption of Cim v2.0 and Key Driving Apps

Its barely been two weeks since Cim v2.0 hit the streets.  It is being very rapidly adopted by existing CorasWorks customers and new accounts.  The new Social Business Process solution category we add to Cim v2.0 has opened it up to a whole new crop of business units across our customer base.  In this article I’ll cover some accounts and the types of apps.

Some of the customers that have adopted Cim v2.0 consist of the following: Skechers (Shoe Retail), Lockheed-Martin (Defense Systems Integrator), Deluxe Corporation (Business Services), UCB (Bio0pharmaceutical – Belgium), Legions of Christ (Catholic Order – Rome, Italy), Pan American Health Organization (Public health Agency – Latin America), and US Navy CNIC (US Defense).

These companies represent a broad spectrum.  They are all medium to large organizations covering a wide range of industries and geographies.

Some of them are using Cim v2.0 for enterprise-wide Idea and Innovation Management.  However, many of them have adopted it to leverage the new Social Business Process solutions to address small group (100-300 people) business processes across their organization.  Many are planning on using Cim for both scenarios.

I’ll talk about 8 applications of Cim v2.0 that seem to be driving a lot of the initial adoption:

Product Innovation Process – this core solution of Cim continues to lead the way in providing organizations with the idea and innovation processes to drive product innovation.  The new and improved Cim v2.0 feature set continues to make this a better and increasingly flexible solution.  Typically, these are focused within R&D divisions of our customers, however, they are expanding to cover manufacturing, marketing, and distribution activities supporting the product life cycle.

Process Improvement ideas – this solution comes out of the box in Cim v2.0.  It is often a gap in many different departments of organizations and addresses an immediate need.  The key is that it drives people to improve the results of processes, which may mean killing them or doing less process.  Visibility is a key to success here.  A solid app.

New Application Requests (and change requests) – this app is popular with the IT departments that are often involved in the buying process.  The IT department opens this up to the business groups to make their requests.  These are visible to the rest of requestors (a good thing) and then the IT managers vet the requests, driving activities that support the decision process.

Project Initiation – this is a very interesting app, in that, it is often very oriented towards gaining control.  Our customers are using this app to control the front-end process of people coming up with project ideas. Their objective is to have project request get lots of visibility and be vetted properly.  This helps to minimize duplication, provide consistency and fairness in approval processes, and, provide a mechanism to insure proper resource allocation. Often, this front-end process is set up to drive into the CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management system. 

Living e-Document Processes – this type of solution is very popular (and one that we didn’t see coming).  The SharePoint base is looking for a better, more collaborative, way of vetting living, e-documents.  By living, we don’t mean individual documents, but, living, breathing, evolving “documents” like Policy Manuals, Constitutions, Sales Play Books, Governance Manuals, Operating Instructions.  Instead of a revised 300 page document, customers are creating living e-Documents broken into sections that are revised separately and often on a continuous basis.  This “document” lives in a virtual, web based world.  it consists of multi-types of contents, like videos, links, files, and yes documents.  The current version of the “document” is whatever you experience when you access it via the web – right now.

Customer Stories/Response – our customers are very focused on being responsive to their customers and to marketing their customer success to others.  A key driver of this solution is that it is very easy for people inside the company to log customer stories, both good and bad (or have customers themselves log the stories – even easier).  Capturing the stories and vetting them is a key.  Then, if the stories are good they make their decisions to invest in marketing and track it.  If they are not, then, they look at investing in the specific customer or in the symptom of the issue of a customer.  It is a strong social business process.

Executive Planning/Initiatives – executives are getting into the Cim groove.  Getting executives or managers to work together as a team, across silos, and have robust collaboration seems to becoming “the new black”.  Having other execs/managers submit initiatives, objectives, projects and then vetting them through a planning process is the most common scenario at this time. The interesting part is that this collaborative group often limits the engagement to at most 100 individuals – it is a small community.

Enterprise Best Practices – this solution is being adopted by many large organizations, in particular, those that have geographically distributed operations.  The core approach is to surface activities that are working somewhere across the system, vet them more widely, and if they meet the thresholds, make them enterprise best practices or provide for local implementation.

The breadth of applications that customers are coming up with as Cim gains visibility is even broader.   We’ll see how the list evolves over the next few months.  I’ll keep you posted.