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Cim 2.0 – Overview of Release

As mentioned in My Sabbatical article, Cim v2.0 is planned for release at the beginning of February.  We’ve had great success with the Cim v1.2 release as shown in our Featured Customer Stories.  The v2.0 release broadens the product and goes deeper.  I’ll break it down into the two solution areas supported in this release – Idea and Innovation Management and Social Business Processes.  Along the way I’ll start to introduce you to the some new modules and features.


As stated, Cim has gone beyond just Idea and Innovation Management.  It is being adopted as a platform for Social Business Systems on SharePoint.  It was designed to go in this direction based upon our modular, flexible and open design.  In v2.0 we are adding support for different solution areas.  In future releases, we’ll add more supported solution areas.  Thus, in v2.0 we’ll refer to our Idea & Innovation Management solution as Cim Innovation and the new Social Business Processes as Cim Process.  Note that we have different approaches for making your successful with each of these as discussed below.


Cim Innovation – Idea & Innovation Management

Our core is Idea and Innovation Management.  Our customers tend to apply Cim in two different ways.  One is Idea Management where they focus on the idea capture and collaboration with a small amount of management and process.  The other is Innovation Process Management where they want to define and implement the end-to-end process.

In Cim v2.0 we are providing separate “flavors” of Cim modules with feature sets that are optimized to the different scenarios. 

-  Thus, for Idea Management we are updating Idea Communities with Dynamic Forms (easily modified), Activity Auto-Promotion and Peer-to-Peer Review. 

- Whereas, for Innovation Process Management we are adding core modules and features for Remote Updates, Role Based Notification, Chained Process Actions, separate modules for Team Sites and Consoles for business users to support a richer and more robust end-to-end process. 

Customers may use the various modules and features together, but, with this approach it makes it easier for them to get up and running with their initial scenario.


Cim Process – Social Business Processes

The wholly new solution set is Social Business Processes.  In Cim v2.0 we will be including a new set of modules and design to allow folks to quickly and easily deploy point, social business processes.  The key with these processes is that the social activities and process management activities are brought together in an easy to use, balanced, single app.

The sample process to be included in the product is for Product Ideas in the Product Management department.  This is the process we are currently demonstrating (if you haven’t seen it, give us a call).  In addition, our design will allow us or others to create additional social business process apps that you will get from the Cim Learning Center and snap into your environment.  Our first batch of 10 of these next generation apps are as follows:

1.Product Ideas (Product Management)

2.Technical Solution Challenges (Engineering, Services)

3.Customer Change Requests (Product Management)

4.Process Improvement (Cross-Functional)

5.Application Change Requests (IT)

6.Requirements Gathering (IT)

7.Project Initiation Onramp (IT)

8.Customer Stories (Marketing)

9.Partner Onramp (Marketing, Channel Management)

10.Strategic Planning (Executive)


These process apps will be released in a rolling schedule.  They are deployed in a site like an application portal.  This site incorporates the social aspects along with a stage-gate management process, notifications, and reporting.  The process app is packaged into a single module where you control the forms, data, security, process actions, stage-gates, notifications, auto-promotion, reports, etc. 


One Product, Many Solutions

Going into 2011, our plan is to continue to add additional solution types to the product.  We’ll also be adding individual apps, such as the business processes mentioned above, in the Cim Learning Center.  All of these will be part of a single product under a single license program for Cim customers.  This has been our approach with the CorasWorks Application Platform now in v11 and has worked well for our customers.  One key difference is that there is a base license for the solution and then a per user cost.  Thus, you have lower up front costs and can purchase more users as your adoption increases.