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Taskboarding with CorasWorks v11.3–make work easier and better

With the release of Brand name accutane overnight you are able to create and deploy very rich, interactive web features for your work management applications on SharePoint.  A popular one to get started with is TaskBoards.  They provide a visual way to see where work stands, organize and prioritize it, collaborate, and, track the flow of the work.  The approach started with the Kanban method of working in automobile manufacturing.  This style has been adopted as a key piece of Agile software development, for instance when doing Scrum.  In the digital world, TaskBoards are all about drag and drop and interactivity.  In this article, I’ll show you what we offer out-of-the-box and explain how you can leverage this way of working to improve results in many areas across your organization.

TaskBoarding Demo

We first added TaskBoards to our Project & Portfolio Management solution about 6 months ago in version 3.2.  It gives users an easy way to manage  task work for a team, project, or Agile sprint.  The drag and drop user interface and interactivity make work seem and feel much easier. Our standard TaskBoard goes a step beyond most others by enabling users to add new tasks and do updates in a smart, guided, interactive way.  This makes the work more manageable.

In the video below, I’ll look at the use of a TaskBoard for a SharePoint Service Delivery Team whose purpose is to provide a great SharePoint environment and deliver new applications and enhancements.  The tasks/requests come in, then, the team uses the task board to organize the work and to get it done.

Let’s do some Taskboarding – just click the image below for a 6 minute demo.TaskBoard


From TaskBoards to Workboarding on SharePoint

The TaskBoard you just saw makes work easier, more effective, and, more manageable.  The common use of it would be for projects and teams.  Use it with a tablet and you’ll have a really great experience.

Being based upon CorasWorks v11.3 CAPS, it is now totally customizable, portable, and re-purposable. So, you can use this style of work, let’s call it “workboarding”, as a feature of any application.  Fundamentally, it gives you an easier way for a group of people to work together to move things forward.  It would make a great new feature for any Stage-based collaborative process.    So, how about:

  • ChangeBoards – to manage change requests
  • IssueBoards – to manage issues
  • IdeaBoards – to manage ideas and innovation
  • PolicyBoards – to submit HR policy changes and approve them
  • ProductBoards – to plan product features for a release
  • ProposalBoards – to manage the work of business development proposals
  • SalesBoards – to track sales opportunities
  • RecruitBoards – to manage the HR recruiting process

I could go on.  But, it is now time for you to get your creative juices flowing.  With CorasWorks CAPS, you are empowered to go far beyond the out-of-the-box and come up with your own applications of this feature.  You don’t have to wait for CorasWorks to make changes and release a new version of it.  Just go forth and innovate.  You can drop it into any CorasWorks Application template, or, any native SharePoint site, or, a custom SP site.  Workboarding can be put at the fingertips of users anywhere across your SharePoint work environment. Your users will love you for it.


Another Spirit-based Solution – IT Project Management Portal

In my previous post, I wrote about an Idea Management Community built with Spirit’s new Community Services Suite v1.2 release.  Here we’ll look at second solution which is a Portal for an IT Project Management solution.  I’ll follow the same format, some text graphic and video.

Our Project Portfolio Management application is very popular.  It is very flexible and allows you to build project based solutions with project, portfolios, and PMO’s distributed across your SharePoint environment.  With this Portal component, however, we add a new dimension that brings it all together – the Portal, a project user community, mobile access, Snaplets from the various sites. The Spirit CSS provides the foundation and the community services elements for this complete solution.

Below is a screenshot of the Home Page of the Portal.  If you watched the Idea Management Community video you’ll note that it is a different brand and UI – easy with the CSS styling options of Spirit Communities Services Suite.


Next is a screenshot of the Project User Community.  You’ll see this in the demo of the Portal.  However, here it is shown within our PPM project site.  The key is that this community can be distributed to any SharePoint site, and thus, provides the glue for all project users working anywhere in the solution to collaborate.  Note how they can create articles and upload documents from anywhere and socialized this information across the community.  We’ll point out uses in the video.

Article detail with documents in Project


Now the demo, click here to see a 5 minute walkthrough of the IT Project Management portal.


With the core functionality of the CorasWorks PPM and the easy to use, web experience of the portal based upon Spirit CSS you have the best of both worlds for a great IT Project Management solution.  I believe this solution is a good example of an emerging approach that blends functionally-rich business applications and easy-to-use community services/social collaboration.  There is a lot of productivity to be gained by work sharing vs. information siloing. Getting to an effective balance is the key.