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Add Top-Down Capture & Proposal life-cycle management to enhance your SharePoint Proposal Environment

A great number of Federal Government Contractors use SharePoint for proposal development. Primarily, they use it to manage proposal content in individual SharePoint sites.  This works pretty well.  What is typically missing is the ability to programmatically manage the life cycle of opportunities from capture through proposal submission with a top down view.  The need for top down and full life cycle process has been trumpeted for years by consulting organizations such as Lohfeld Consulting and Shipley Associates.  In this article I’ll describe the situation and propose how you can drive value by just dropping in the CorasWorks Capture & Proposal Management Center – and keep your existing proposal sites as they are.

The Typical Situation

Very simple, SharePoint is widely adopted for proposal development.  Organizations create a site for each proposal.  These sites have proposal content in libraries.  They help users share content about proposals and manage versions.  However, the sites are siloed.  There is usually no provision for top down visibility and the ability to manage the life cycle of opportunities from capture through proposal submission. There is little support for managing and tracking key decisions and actions along the way.  Reporting out on activity, progress or comparative data is usually a manual process and one that is nearly impossible because the actions and decisions were not programmatically tracked.

Below is a schematic that depicts this typical situation.


The “Management Center” Solution

The solution is to add a top-down, process-oriented, management capability to your existing environment that auto-magically connects to your existing SharePoint proposal sites.   You can now easily accomplish this by dropping in the CorasWorks Capture & Proposal Management Center.  This is a single module from our Capture & Proposal Management System and possibly all that you need.  You just drop this module into your SharePoint environment.  It adds the management layer above your proposal working sites.  It gets wired up to your existing SharePoint sites and templates.  Here is what you now have:

  • A Management Center that provides top down visibility to all opportunities throughout the C&P process.
  • The ability to programmatically push opps through Stages and Gates and track the activity.
  • The ability to automate the key process steps (like Bid No bid decisions, Gate Reviews, Team Updates, Proposal Health Status, Updates for RFP release, PWIN calculations, Color Reviews) and drive notifications and approval workflow.
  • The ability to auto-magically provision new proposal sites and link them into the system – using your own standard proposal templates.
  • The ability to have a master calendar of key events like color reviews, gate reviews, due dates across all opps/proposals and the life cycle.
  • The ability to drive supporting activities for each opp and track them (like Organizations Conflict of Interest, Staffing Requests, Subcontractor SOWs, and ad hoc organizational tasks)
  • The ability to see opportunities by Stage, Customer, Practice/Capability, Events, Reviews and easily drill down into proposal working sites.
  • The ability to raise issues and get visibility (like the need for a resource or decision)
  • The ability to report on the C&P opportunities across the process life cycle and slice and dice the information just how you want it via tabular reports and pivot charts – and of course export to Excel, PDF, and Word.
  • The ability to quickly and easily change your process or top down way of working without affecting the ongoing proposal development efforts.

Easy to Get Better

The situation described above is common.  The CorasWorks Management Center module is new. It is now very easy and cost effective to add this to your environment and put these value capabilities at your fingertips – without disrupting ongoing work.



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