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CorasWorks for Legal Work Management on SharePoint

In addition to everything else, we are doing quite a bit of work these days within the Legal departments of organizations and for Law Firms.  The standard needs of this department for legal matters, ad hoc requests, and case management fit well with the CorasWorks Work Management capabilities.  I’ll briefly cover a few examples in this article.

Matters Management – a 3,000 person Non Governmental Organization (NG0) used CorasWorks to create their Legal Matters Management process.  The work was done by a CorasWorks partner using our off the shelf framework.

Case Management – we are completing a project for an Arbitration Case Management system for an association.  This system is really a service to the legal community where they can request arbitration cases and then the arbitrator can manage the cases.  It is Case Management as a service.

Claims Management – we support a Law Firm that has built an extensive Claims Management system for insurance claims.  This office of this global 1,000 attorney firm does 80% of its business managing claims for Insurers.  It is a large system with thousands of claims.  A key part of this solution is its 360 degree Dashboard that puts all of the information about a claim, and all of the actions people need to do, at the fingertips of the attorneys.  The system was built by our customer and a CorasWorks partner specializing in Legal systems with support from us.

Leverage CorasWorks in your in house Legal departments

It is clear that our Work Management framework is a good fit for a lot of the work done by Legal departments.  In most organizations (vs. Law Firms), the Legal department is one those under-served departments that are low on the list of enterprise IT priorities.  But, if your organization is already using CorasWorks, you may want to look at re-purposing it to address needs of the Legal department.  Many of the needs of the Legal department are rather straight forward from a CorasWorks perspective.  And, the capabilities we provide are pretty slick when compared to many of the Legal products out there that are usually based upon legacy technologies and targeted at law firms and tend to be overly complex for an in-house legal department.

Legal Project Management – A Next Step In Innovation…

With that said, I also see a new area of innovation by CorasWorks for in-house legal departments and law firms.  Over the last few years, innovative and leading legal teams are starting to adopt a structured Project Management approach to large legal cases.  It makes sense.  Part of this is driven by a shift to fixed price work, part is just the idea that legal cases can be better managed.  I’m looking for some opportunities to apply our Project Portfolio Management solution to this need – any takers?


Ventolin usa

Last week, Rhonda Jenkins of Clyde & Co, a major international law firm, graciously presented their Claims Management application to our customers and partners.  This mission-critical business application was built using CorasWorks v11 running on Microsoft SharePoint.  She presented the detailed business case along with a demonstration.  It is a very compelling business success story that demonstrates the potential of the “OpenApp” style of development made possible with CorasWorks v11.  Here’s the story…

Background and Business Resultslogo

Clyde & Co is a major international law firm of 1,400 people, in 26 offices, covering 130 countries and headquartered in the UK.  It was named Law Firm of the Year in 2011 by Lawyer Business magazine.  The San Francisco office specializes in insurance claims for professionals and insurers with a brand name list of high tech companies.  This was the site for the Claims Management application.

Over the last few years, the insurance claims management practice in San Francisco has grown rapidly and Clyde & Co wanted to build a system that would support their process in a more efficient and effective manner and enable continued growth and better service and lower costs.

In six months over the last year, they built their Claims Management system using CorasWorks v11 on Microsoft SharePoint.  Effectively, they have went from a manual, ad hoc work environment to an integrated system.  This new system has been running for 6 months and has increased productivity 10X (1,000%).  It is used to drive 80% of their business.  They stated a full Return on Investment payback period of 1 month.  It has also vastly reduced cycle time.  For instance, previously it would takes weeks to prepare a status report for a client.  This is now available at the click of a button.  It is chock full of specific features that supports the unique process of Claims Management for Clyde & Co.


Getting to the Application

Rhonda did a great job of telling the story by going through the 3 main generations of their “way of working”.  A couple of years back, in Generation 1, their process consisted of emails and distributed file stores.  It was ad hoc at best, with distributed information.  Finding the status and details of matters for a client across attorneys was “challenging” (meaning practically impossible).  The focus with Generation 2, was simply to build an Excel based tracking system to augment the ad hoc work process.  This made it possible to begin to manage top down.  However, the lack of a central repository and database cost a great deal in productivity.  As above, to create a client report across matters could take weeks to prepare.  The goal in Generation 3 was to centralize the documents and information and create a single system with unique features for attorneys and clients.  They decided to go with CorasWorks on SharePoint.  Cost was important.  However, more important was the flexibility of CorasWorks to enable them to follow a very agile process to build out the application and innovate as they got feedback from internal users and clients.


OpenApp Development Approach

The team to develop the application was Rhonda Jenkins, Head of Administration and Practice Support and a CorasWorks-certified developer, Michael Bradley.  At first glance, you would refer to their approach as agile.  They built the application in sprints with user feedback at each step.   However, using the OpenApp development environment of CorasWorks, they were able to accomplish this with real hands-on user input.  Since CorasWorks is a componentized, integrated open environment for SharePoint, there is no coding (no Visual Studio compiled code).  Features are able to be added to a running application, providing instant, practical user feedback.  SharePoint provides the data, security, and administration.  The OpenApp pipeline of CorasWorks allows developers to customize the data connections, the UI, and the business logic independently to support new features.  This OpenApp style of development allows for faster and more agile development with a much tighter relationship with business users.

The result is that the application was able to go into production after 6 months and succeed right away.  Since then, the application has continued to evolve, a feature at a time, while, it is delivering business value.  For instance, when we first saw their demonstration (about a month ago) they emphasized the wonderful value for clients that their new reporting provides – they could provide status reports in specialized document-oriented formats in seconds for their clients.  However, by the time of the web cast, they had extended this functionality to an Extranet environment in the cloud (running CorasWorks on SharePoint at FPWeb.net).  This enables their clients to access and get reports whenever they want.  In effect, in a matter of weeks, they now have a hybrid application with an Extranet in the cloud integrated with their Claims Management application running on their Intranet on premise.


Summing Up Their Success

This is a mission-critical, very customized application.  80% of their business relies on the application.  CorasWorks provided our v11 software, standard training and support, and, a bit of up front design assistance.  However, their team designed and built out the app working closely with the business users.  The requirements were not documented in detail up front.  They evolved as users experienced the application and discovered how they could improve how they work.

Clyde & Co’s success is a great example of how our customers are succeeding using our software.  Successful projects are always driven by business users that are deeply engaged in the process and committed to driving practical business results.  The CorasWorks v11 OpenApp development style on SharePoint really puts the software at the service of the users and developers which drives unusually effective business results.