About CorasWorks

CorasWorks is a global leader in work management solutions and applications.  Since 2003, we’ve provided software and services to commerical, Federal and non-profit organizations on all versions of the Microsoft SharePoint platform.  Today, more than 1,000 organizations and 1 million users worldwide run solutions and applications from CorasWorks, our partners, or that they have built on their own. Leveraging the industry leading flexibility of the CorasWorks solution platform (now in version 11), organizations can accomplish their business objectives while dramatically reducing the risk, cost, and complexity associated with traditional point solutions or custom development.

CorasWorks Web Site: http://www.corasworks.net

CorasWorks Customer Listing and Case Studies: http://www.corasworks.net/company/customers.html

CorasWorks Community: http://community.corasworks.net



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