Task Management Console for SharePoint by Future Structure

Refreshed from my 4-part, enterprise C2C Content Service blog series, it is time to turn back to a good old straight-forward productivity app.  The Task Management Console for SharePoint is the first app published by Future Structure for the App Store – it fits the bill nicely.

Very simply, this is an add-on that makes it really easy and efficient to manage tasks in SharePoint.  As an add-on, it can be installed into any existing SharePoint site.  You install the action library and the four web parts into a site collection and then anyone in the site collection can instantiate it in any site.  No UI hassles, no site templates, just, straight up productivity enhancement.

It comes with 4 displays, 3 of them of basically the same Task Management Console in 3 different color schemes (nice touch).  Each TMC display has 5 pre-configured views that deliver to the most common needs.  They are chuck full of actions to automate all of the routine things that people do when managing tasks.  Then, it has a Task Portfolio display.  This is very powerful.  You use it to connect to any task lists across SharePoint and create an instant portfolio in a single display.  You can connect to lists across sites, site collections, and web applications.  You can then group, sort, filter all of the items, and, act on them in one step – across all of the locations.  (BTW, this would be stellar to drop into peoples My Sites or Personal dashboards.)

The picture below shows TMC being used with grouping by Assigned To.  It shows the context menu with a broad assortment of the available custom actions.


Here is the link to a short 5 minute video of the Task Management Console.  It walks you through a common scenario.

An app like this one reminds me that often “simpler is better”.  How often have we just wanted to get a team focused on getting some work done, but, get bogged down in having to create a site with a bunch of stuff?  Do we really need a site or a complex app?  What we really need is just a simple task list with some robust functionality, like being able to pop off emails about one or more tasks, to nag people to get things done.  This app really hits the mark and can be easily used all over across your SharePoint environment.

Lastly, the price is right at $700, it runs on the Workplace Suite, MOSS or WSS, and, the documentation is quite extensive for an add-on.  I recommend putting on your summer hot list…



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