CorasWorks for Legal Work Management on SharePoint

In addition to everything else, we are doing quite a bit of work these days within the Legal departments of organizations and for Law Firms.  The standard needs of this department for legal matters, ad hoc requests, and case management fit well with the CorasWorks Work Management capabilities.  I’ll briefly cover a few examples in this article.

Matters Management – a 3,000 person Non Governmental Organization (NG0) used CorasWorks to create their Legal Matters Management process.  The work was done by a CorasWorks partner using our off the shelf framework.

Case Management – we are completing a project for an Arbitration Case Management system for an association.  This system is really a service to the legal community where they can request arbitration cases and then the arbitrator can manage the cases.  It is Case Management as a service.

Claims Management – we support a Law Firm that has built an extensive Claims Management system for insurance claims.  This office of this global 1,000 attorney firm does 80% of its business managing claims for Insurers.  It is a large system with thousands of claims.  A key part of this solution is its 360 degree Dashboard that puts all of the information about a claim, and all of the actions people need to do, at the fingertips of the attorneys.  The system was built by our customer and a CorasWorks partner specializing in Legal systems with support from us.

Leverage CorasWorks in your in house Legal departments

It is clear that our Work Management framework is a good fit for a lot of the work done by Legal departments.  In most organizations (vs. Law Firms), the Legal department is one those under-served departments that are low on the list of enterprise IT priorities.  But, if your organization is already using CorasWorks, you may want to look at re-purposing it to address needs of the Legal department.  Many of the needs of the Legal department are rather straight forward from a CorasWorks perspective.  And, the capabilities we provide are pretty slick when compared to many of the Legal products out there that are usually based upon legacy technologies and targeted at law firms and tend to be overly complex for an in-house legal department.

Legal Project Management – A Next Step In Innovation…

With that said, I also see a new area of innovation by CorasWorks for in-house legal departments and law firms.  Over the last few years, innovative and leading legal teams are starting to adopt a structured Project Management approach to large legal cases.  It makes sense.  Part of this is driven by a shift to fixed price work, part is just the idea that legal cases can be better managed.  I’m looking for some opportunities to apply our Project Portfolio Management solution to this need – any takers?


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