New IDIQ Prime Contractor Leverages CorasWorks to Jumpstart BD Operations Center

You are a multi-billion company selling sophisticated systems.  You do more than $1Billion/year in Federal business.  Now, your customers buying model shifts to multi-award IDIQs.  You could get locked out or marginalized.  You have to become an IDIQ Prime Contractor almost overnight.  You’re starting from scratch.  Here is the story of how one of our customers rapidly made the transition leveraging the full spectrum of CorasWorks resources and our ecosystem.


The customer is a multi-billion dollar provider of communications systems to commercial and federal customers.  Their Federal business is more than $1B/year primarily providing systems to the Military.  Up to now, their Federal business was obtained via single award prime contracts and as a sub-contractor to other primes.  Over the last couple of years, key customers have begun moving their procurement into new multi-award IDIQ vehicles.  In particular, one customer was creating an IDIQ Vehicle with a maximum of $10B over five years that would cover a good portion of their existing business.  The company decided to become a Prime Contractor for multiple IDIQs in order to maintain control over their customer opportunities and to expand their opportunity set for overall systems integration and solutions for many customers.

To support the new IDIQ Prime business, the customer required a very different approach to Business Development/Capture Operations.  They were now going to be in the Solution drivers seat integrating in elements from close Teaming Partners.  They’d have to turn around task order proposals in 30-90 days vs. a year.  Their objective was to support many IDIQ contracts as a Prime so they needed a flexible solution that would optimize the results for each IDIQ, yet, work as a single integrated system. This new system would be a dedicated Extranet that would tightly integrate Teaming Partners into the work-stream. In addition, since this was a new way of working they were looking for guidance from people who had done it before and they needed to get going in a matter of months.


The customer surveyed the market for solutions considering various COTS products that would need to be heavily customized and integrated.  They also considered designing and building what they needed from scratch.  They decided to go with CorasWorks for a number of reasons:

Collaboration Needs – they realized that this solution would be heavily collaborative amongst internal players and partners and saw the value of leveraging Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure

Trust of CorasWorks – they had been using CorasWorks on SharePoint for general internal operations for 3 years and trusted the software and company support

CorasWorks IDIQ Solution Framework – CorasWorks has a vertical practice in Federal Contractors and had existing customers leveraging it for IDIQ/GWAC Systems and could provide a solution framework to accelerate the project, reduce the cost, and, reduce the risk

CorasWorks Software Flexibility – they wanted the solution to be theirs.  It would enable a significant competitive advantage.  They wanted to be able to enhance, extend and maintain the software on their own as needed.

CorasWorks Ecosystem – the customer was able to leverage CorasWorks Professional Services and was able to tap existing CorasWorks customers for IDIQ operational guidance and CorasWorks partners for hands-on subject matter expertise

Less Time, Cost, Risk – based upon the above, they believed that their project could be delivered within the time and cost and at lower risk than other approaches and their cost to support and extend the solution was less than alternatives

Getting There

The core “build” project was scheduled for 8 weeks.  It would be a brand new Extranet environment built from the ground up.  It would include the standard CorasWorks IDIQ framework modules supporting IDIQ Program Management, specific IDIQ Vehicle and Task Order Management, Task Order-Proposal working sites, Partner Portal and partner working sites, and integration of shared master knowledge (Past Performance, Policies, Pricing, Forms, System information, etc.).  The approach was to focus on delivery a system supporting the first IDIQ ($10B over 5 years), yet, use a system design that would support many IDIQs.

Because of the strategic nature of this initiative, the customer did a few things differently.

Started with CorasWorks Training – before the project began the customer had 3 people from IT attend a custom CorasWorks training session.  They learned how to build with CorasWorks and how to leverage the CorasWorks IDIQ solution framework.  This prep work was important to make informed technical decisions and to provide the knowledge to reduce project cost and time and allow them to enhance and maintain the system going forward.

Tapping Customer IDIQ Operational Experience – the customer engaged an existing CorasWorks Federal Contractor who had been using a CorasWorks-based IDIQ/GWAC system for 7 years to manage 18 vehicles and 5,000 task orders.  From them, they gained the operational guidance and best practices to lay the foundation for their operations.

Joint Delivery Team – They created a joint delivery team consisting of CorasWorks Professional Services, a CorasWorks partner with hands-on experience with IDIQs in Federal Contractors, their trained internal IT, and, the business users. This team was to work on-site, for 6 weeks, in a focused, joint effort.

The Project Results

The 8 week build project went as planned.  They got the top down guidance they needed.  They used an iterative approach starting with general requirements, leveraging the CorasWorks IDIQ framework to lay down the base modules, and then, iterating it to satisfy the needs of the users.  Within 10 weeks the solution was in place, tested and accepted, and ready for operations.

The actual operations for their first IDIQ were not scheduled to begin for another 3 months.  They then turned to implementing their second IDIQ which is to go operational at about the same time.  This time, with the knowledge they had gained, they added the new IDIQ vehicle which was slightly different than the first and did the customization on their own over a the course of a few weeks.


It was a tall order.  This customer had to go from basically nothing to best-of-breed operational capabilities with a multi-IDIQ, tightly integrated, operations center, in a matter of months.  To get there, they leveraged CorasWorks to bring together the people and technology to meet their objective.  This is a solid start.

The reality is that this customer will learn a tremendous amount about running the IDIQ capture business as a Prime over the next 6-12 months.  That is where the real value of CorasWorks software’s flexibility comes in.  They will be able to take those lessons learned and best practices and enhance and extend the system to enable them to just get better and better at delivering results. In 12 months it will really be their system, and, serve as a core part of this new way of winning business.



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