Department Dashboard App – Bringing It All Together

We kicked off our CorasWorks App releases with the Department Dashboard.  This App is a centerpiece for departmental work environments leveraging CorasWorks.  It is used as the top level site of a department, providing the basic collaborative framework for the department, and, allowing you to then integrate all of the apps within the department into it.  It goes way beyond classic dashboarding where you just see nice charts.  It enables an integrated departmental work environment.  From one place people can see, contribute, act on, and integrate information and applications – within the department or across departments.


Here is why it is cool:

- it gives you a nice departmental collaborative workspace to start with that is easily customized

- it makes it easy to integrate other apps that have been snapped into your department via reports, data integration displays, Snaplets (distributing app functionality), global menus, and integrated calendar systems

- it uses the One Touch system, which allows you to centrally configure the basic dept dashboard, and, to create multiple department dashboards – all of which are centrally configurable for the basics

- it allows you to cross-connect all of your department dashboards and applications across your environment


So, now to the video, the picture, and the download…


The Video

Here is a link to a 21 minute video I did walking around the Dashboard and a full department of apps.  I do some work in the dashboard.  Then, I show how it integrates with an IT Help Desk app, including Self-Service for users.  Next, I show a Program Management Office with project sites in the department.  Lastly, I show a CorasWorks database app, the Professional Services Automation app, which is also integrated into the dashboard.  You’ll get a good sense of how it all comes together.


The Picture

Below is a picture of our interactive Calendar display of Tasks across the department.  It shows tasks assigned for a given team.  However, think of it as part of a top level Calendaring system for your department.  It can show any items from any apps in the department (or other departments).  Any type of information with a date field can be part of a Calendar display in your dashboard.  You work with the information from here – creating new items, updating, emailing, etc.  You can also interactively turn categories of items on and off in your calendar displays. 

dd home - team timeline 

Now Download the App

You’ve seen it, watched it work, and now, want to take it home. Go to the Department Dashboard app

We assume you have the Suite v10 running, and, you have CorasWorks software download rights (if not, ping your CW admin).  Download the app and follow the documentation.  Just a few steps to install.





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