Workspace Activity Reporting – a Workspace, a Department, or Across a Farm


Well now that we are a Gartner Cool Vendor – we have to show off some cool features.  Here you go – Workspace Activity Reporting.  How about being about to see who has contributed what across all lists and libraries in a workspace?  Even better how about seeing a report across an entire department of say 30 sites?  We make it a snap – literally.


I have four things for you on this one: some words, a picture, a 5 minute democast, and a link where you can download the Workspace Activity Reporter building block and install it into your v10 environment.  BTW, this isn’t a separate piece of code or software.  It is a “Ready-for-Work” feature that runs on the basic v10 system – no additional code, just snap it in.


The objective is to see who has contributed what in a report across types of lists and libraries.  You want to see it for a single workspace – done.  You can also use the Report to see the same across any scope of sites, say a full department.  You can modify the report with our cool ribbon bar.  You can print, email, or save the report.  You can change the report type to over 40 types.  You can change the scope of data and filter out different list and library types or contributors.  All point and click.


Now, for some pictures.  The first shows a report for a single workspace with its reporting ribbon and the bells and whistles turned on for the end-user.  The second shows another report configured to show all of the activity across about 20 sites in the Services department.  There are alot more custom lists and libraries and more people.  It is all prettied up.




Workspace Activity in Breeze - Services


My 5 minute democast: 

In this I show you the basic report for a workspace and show off some of the bells and whistles of our new v10 reporting system.  Then, I create a copy of the report and modify it using our Display Wizard.  I point to our Services department and configure it to pull in about 30 sites.  It takes about a minute and shows you how you use the Display Wizard and can easily browse an entire server farm, web application, or site collection to connect to information. (BTW, make sure to click the Full Screen button to get good resolution).


Download the Building Block:

Okay, now you’ve seen it, you like it, and you want to take it home with you.  Here you go.  We assume you have the Suite v10 running.  Just go here, click the download button and download the zip.  It contains a CorasWorks webpart file that you can just import and use.  It also has a little Getting Started document. 





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