Knowledge Pool: Easier collaboration, Better Knowledge

My last post, Social Business Collaboration Meets SharePoint 2010 Intranet, included a few videos showing your collaborative experience can be enhanced using Cim Social Business Collaboration on your SharePoint 2010 Intranet.  They focused on people working within an IT Department portal.  In this article, we’ll do some “Day in the life” videos and look at a specific scenario where users are sharing and collaborating as part of a knowledge community from across a SharePoint environment.  We’ll see how the knowledge evolves and improves via the collaborative community and the inter-action of participants. 

The 4 “Day in the Life” videos show different users sharing, using, and collaborating on the topic of modifying the branding of a portal on SharePoint.  A key aspect to note is that the users are working from different locations across a SharePoint environment: a Cim-branded department portal, a native SharePoint team site, and, a native SharePoint My Site.  Yet, they are all tapping into the same Knowledge Pool community, interacting, and seeing the activities of others from wherever they work – without having to navigate somewhere else.  This convenience and visibility enables greater participation that drives improved collaboration and results.


Here we show a schematic of how this lays out.  In the scenario, our “community” is not a place that the users go, rather, it is a resource that they leverage from wherever they work.


Knowledge Pool: 4 “Day in the Life Videos”


Knowledge Pool: Contributing an Article (runtime 3:59)

Here Pat Green kicks things off working from the IT Department portal by contributing an article on changing the menu style of a portal.


Knowledge Pool: Enhancing Knowledge, Working from a Team Site (runtime 3:07)

John Gold picks up the ball and leverages this information to update his Process Improvements portal.  He also enhances the article with additional information about modifying the image and the CSS styling.


Knowledge Pool: Using the Knowledge via a My Site (runtime 2:21)

William Rogers needs to brand a new portal for projects.  Working from his My Site he accesses the Knowledge Pool, locates the enhanced article, does his branding, and, provides feedback.


Knowledge Pool: Collaborative Activity in Your Activity Stream (runtime 1:37)

Now, we go full circle. Pat checks her activity stream and sees all of the activity that others have done on this now enhanced article.


The Knowledge Pool community is just one use case of leveraging Cim for collaborative work.  Each community can be customized to fit the need.  As shown here, they can be snapped into any existing SharePoint site so that users can tap into them from wherever they work.  Users no longer have to navigate to go somewhere to access information, collaborate, and see activity.  The system brings it to them.

In the Knowledge Pool scenario, this ease, convenience, and visibility typically results in better knowledge.  The information gets more eyes on it, more use, and gathers value.  It may get so good, that, you want to polish it up and publish it to a more formal community for use internally or customer facing.  How about adding a simple process, where a group of people could tap into this pool of knowledge, make decisions about which items to publish, polish them up, and then publish them?  To see how this works, check out my post Knowledge Pipeline: From Raw Data to Published (and Improving) Knowledge that describes how you can do this.



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