Welcome to the CorasWorks Community

It’s a new year, and now, we have a new way to work together. The Community is not just about interacting with CorasWorks (the primary purpose of CorasWorks Central), but, is designed to encourage interaction and sharing amongst our 1,200 customers, our 5,000 builders and developers, and our 1,000,000+ end-users.

2009 is definitely a year where we all need to drive business value. Our hope is that the CorasWorks Community is a vehicle that allows you to leverage your investment in CorasWorks and SharePoint in order to do just that. Our Community has the features you’d expect, such as Forums, Blogs, and How To’s. In addition, we have a section called Resources. Within Resources you’ll find downloadable Applications and Building Blocks that are ready-for-work. If you are running CorasWorks, you can download these items and immediately put them to use.

 A little background… Since we began in 2003, we have focused on IT and the application builder/developer. We have been focused on enabling people to use our products to design and build applications on SharePoint. We have done this through our product, documentation, training, support, and professional services. Along the way, as our products get used in organizations, we have begun to increasingly interact with business users. They typically want the application first, and get into customization options later. They are trying to improve a business process to increase productivity.

Accordingly, with the Community we are adding a new layer of “products” to support the business user. We are investing in off-the-shelf Applications and Building Blocks. With CorasWorks, you already have the application-enabling platform installed; now, we are providing you with the Application – for FREE! You just snap them in and get to work. The key is that because you run CorasWorks, you can take an Application from the community, install it, and use it without having to “twiddle” any bits.

It also means that you can make improvements and post the resulting Application back into the community. Or, a partner can create their own applications and post them in the community – for FREE or for a price. All CorasWorks customers can use all of these without having to install and support separate software (the .dll’s).

We see this aspect of the Community as a practical way to add value. Visit the Community and download a few applications and building blocks and you’ll see what I mean. We are committed to providing an ongoing supply of free Applications and Building Blocks. The vision, of course, is that the community responds in kind.

A couple of notes to get you started with the Community:

-  If you are a CorasWorks Central user, you already have an account, so just go to the home page and login with your Central user name and id. As a customer on our Premier Annual Support and Maintenance you’ll have FREE access to download Applications, Building Blocks, and Blueprints (Design documents and Technical Solutions).

-  The Community is open to Guests. Guests can browse most of the information in the Community.

-  If you Register and become a Member, you’ll be able to make comments, bookmark items, work in the Forums, and download more Resources, such as Blueprints.

So, welcome to 2009 and the new CorasWorks Community. I look forward to seeing you all online.


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