Cim Customer Stories for Idea and Innovation Mgmt on SharePoint

So here is proof that My Sabbatical was rewarding for us and our customers – we just published two customer stories for Cim that I worked on during my sabbatical.  The stories are different types of implementations of Cim.  In this article, I’ll briefly cover them.  See the above referenced page for the story and screenshots.

Deluxe Corporation – Corporate Idea Management

This 6,000 person company used Cim for classic corporate idea management.  They have standing idea communities for General Ideas, Product Ideas, and Process Improvement.  They are driving activity using Campaigns and Challenges that target specific business objectives.  They are primarily focused on the targeting of ideation, capturing and collaborating. They determine the objective and then drive participation through campaigns thereby leveraging the experience of their employees. They then process the ideas and move them into the business groups for decision and execution.


US Navy CNIC (Commander, Navy Installations Command) – Enterprise Best Practices Process Management

This 50,000 person organization is using Cim to drive Enterprise Best Practices.  It is a fine example of an enterprise-wide, innovation process management solution.  They have an effective approach which is to drive the full process with two different and integrated workstreams.  First, there is an idea process.  The end result of this is implementations at bases around the world.  The successes then get validated.  Then, users submit these successful ideas as proposed enterprise Best Practices which goes through a second process.  The result of this is an enterprise level best practice.  This approach encourages broad innovation via the idea process and effective best practices because they are based upon validated, real world implementations.


BTW, see the screenshots at the Customer Stories page referenced above for nice examples of the Portal UI’s that you can do with Cim using the CSS-styled UI.



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