Spirit Community Services v1.2 – for an Idea Management Community

This week Spirit released v1.2 of their Community Services Suite. In this article we’ll cover our use of it to build an Idea Management Community that is the front-end to our Innovation Management solution.  Below you’ll find some text, the screenshot and a video…

The Idea Community is the web-front end used by a broad base of users, Intranet, Extranet, or Internet facing, to capture Ideas and collaborate.  The ideas then get reviewed and processed.  In our end-to-end Innovation Management solution they could then be feed into our Project Portfolio Management application to be built out (Products), implemented (Processes) or acted upon (General Ideas) or to address more specific objectives.

In this article and the following video we are focusing on the Idea Community only.  For the Community we make use of all 5 modules of the Spirit CSS.  We use the Navigation Template for the CSS-styled community, the centrally configured Link Service, the Group Blog module, the News Service, and most importantly the micro-communities.  The micro-communities provide a rich community experience for users with features such as tagging, tag clouds, tag categories (taxonomy), star rating and the ability to attach and upload documents.

Below is a screenshot with a close-up of the micro-community used for Product Ideas.  The demo has 3 standing idea communities.  In addition, it has communities for Idea Challenges.  These are used to “challenge” the organization with a request for ideas/solutions/collaboration around specific topics within a specific timeframe.  The micro-community design (separate micro-communities as sites with distributable UI’s) of Spirit works very well in this scenario because it allows our customers to have many separate micro-communities as part of their Idea Community and each can be tailored to the specific needs – be it a standing community or a Challenge, a Campaign, or a Contest.

innovation central - close

Click here to watch a 5-minute video of a walkthrough of the Idea Community.

As shown in this video, the 5 modules of Spirit CSS v1.2 give us just about everything we need to put together a slick Idea Community. In addition, all modules use CSS-styling and XSLT which makes it quite easy to customize and brand.  It is very easy to administer the various elements of the solution using its native SharePoint Administration interface.  It runs on the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset and meets our OpenApp standard allowing you to customize it without compiled code.



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