Intranet-Extranet Integration on SharePoint – Recorded Webcast

On March 4th, we did a webcast on integrating an Extranet and Intranet with both running on SharePoint.  It hits on getting across the barriers of firewalls, cross farm, cross data sources, and multiple channels of consuming.  It is focused on how you can accomplish it at the app levels.

We did three scenarios.  For each scenario, we lay out the scenario, then do the demonstration, and then, go behind the scenes to show you how it was done.

The Scenarios

- Publishing information from Intranet to Extranet

- Interacting with information between the Intranet and the Extranet

- Working with database information in the Extranet via multiple channels: Intranet via Browser, RSS, and Mobile


Click here to access the webcast (runtime 1 hour). 



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