Demo of Intranet Community Portal solution on SharePoint

We continue to create new solutions based upon the Spirit Community Services Suite.  It is very versatile.  We’ve done a video of an Intranet Community Portal solution.  This would be put in an Intranet.  It is a portal that has 3 micro-communities for General SharePoint Users, an Idea Community, and a Project User Community.  The idea is to have a portal where you can have all of your different types of micro-communities from across the SharePoint environment.

 Click here for video (runtime 12:00)

NOTE: With Spirit, micro-communities are services.  There is a central site for each micro-community with the data and functionality.  The community is made available as web parts that you can drop into any SharePoint sites, thus, it brings the community to you where you work.  However, having an Intranet Portal gives you a nice place for all of the communities, and, you can flesh it out with news and other resources to support the broader community.

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