Details on the Lotus-SharePoint Integration

Lotusphere is going on this week, and there is talk in Florida about the integration of SharePoint and Lotus Connections. We’ve been asked about what it takes to make the CorasWorks Lotus-SharePoint integration happen and the licensing. So, here you go…

The integration is done using the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset (v1.2 or greater). It is installed ONLY on your SharePoint servers. It is two way integration as follows:

- The Toolset allows you to work with Lotus Connections information from within SharePoint. We tweaked the Toolset code in v1.2 so that you can take advantage of the ATOM API of Lotus Connections, without having to do programming (but, you do have to do XML configuration). It works with all applications: Activities, Blogs, Profiles, Dogear, and Communities.

- The Toolset is also used to output data from SharePoint. You configure CorasWorks Data Providers. We have two types: SharePoint Data Providers and External Data Providers. We also have Data Adapters for Mashup and Data Analysis. The upshot is you can easily configure these items to aggregate, mashup, and manipulate data from SharePoint and/or external data. It comes out as XML. On the Lotus side you then use iWidgets to work with the data stream. Note that our XML API allows you to read/write the data and do passthroughs to make specific requests for data from SharePoint.

The Toolset is licensed per SharePoint front end server, with unlimited users. It includes Premier Annual Support & Maintenance that covers upgrades. This is important because we are innovating rapidly. We also offers special pricing for non-profits, small business, and enterprise licenses. For pricing please contact

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