CorasWorks Apps in the Cloud on SharePoint

It is time for some apps in the Cloud…  Through a partnership with, the CorasWorks app platform on SharePoint is now available as a service in the Cloud. It is a powerful offering bringing all of the pieces together.  In this article, I’ll give you a quick overview of the new service offerings.

First, our partner. is a leading provider of SharePoint hosting.  They’ve been at it since the beginning.  They provide offerings for WSS and MOSS on a virtualized infrastructure. The way they do it, our customers will have RDP access and can install custom code and apps.  This means that you can control your SharePoint “virtual” server and what runs in it.  Yes, we are all about being DLL-Free, with Ready-for-Work apps, but, every now and then you do need a bit of custom code or a third party app to flesh things out.  With these offerings you can have it your way.

We have brought two offerings to market – AppFoundation for WSS and AppServer for MOSS.  Let’s look at them.

AppFoundation for WSS

AppFoundation for WSS is powered by the CorasWorks Workplace Suite.  You get the full product running on WSS.  You can dial the service up to the level you need.  With the service you get our new Department Starter Set that provides you with a robust, integrated, centrally configured “Intranet/Workplace” framework.  It is set up to go from the get go.  From there, you can go to the App Store and download free or for fee Ready-for-Work apps and plug them in.  You can also customize the apps and environment and even build your own apps.  You are now able to build out a customized, integrated, centrally managed work environment in the cloud.  The cost is $495/month for the CorasWorks service layered on top of the WSS hosting service you choose.  There is no per user fee for CorasWorks or for the apps.  You pay for the fee-based App Store apps on a one time license basis.  

AppServer for MOSS

AppServer for MOSS takes it to the next level.  It includes the Workplace Suite and the CorasWorks Toolset – for the power builder to enhance, extend and integrate the environment.  With the service, in addition to the Department Starter Set, you also get the complete CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management solution (now in v1.2).  The key with the Toolset is that you can now integrate just about everything – across the SharePoint environment and across the cloud.  This means that you can integrate your Extranet in the Cloud with your Intranet, or pump data back and forth to enterprise apps or integrate with other services in the Cloud.  The cost is $795/month (flat) for the CorasWorks layer with the same ability to add in all of the apps from the App Store.

How it delivers Plug and Play Business Productivity

  • The whole stack is pre-integrated – you get the off-the-shelf apps from CW and our growing App Publisher ecosystem, that integrate with each other out-of-the box, powered by the CW app platform, running on the SharePoint collaborative infrastructure, on a world-class managed service
  • This means you can focus on the app layer where the value is for your business
  • You have access to our App Store to feed your app needs and CorasWorks and the online CorasWorks Community to support you
  • The apps are not siloed, they easily integrate with each other as part of one work environment
  • With CorasWorks, you have point and click wizards to customize the apps, connect them up, enhance things and build your own – without the need for custom binary code
  • No per user fees for CW or apps, so you can expand usage and integrate apps without additional cost
  • You have the freedom to manage the environment and install custom code or third party apps whenever you have the need

We are excited to bring this offering to market  We believe that it stacks up well against other app focused cloud offerings.  We hope to see you in the Cloud.


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