Follow-Through on Microsoft-CorasWorks Webcast: Extranets in the Cloud Integrated with Intranets Using CorasWorks on SharePoint

Last Thursday Microsoft and CorasWorks did a joint webcast entitled “X Design Pattern: Where Contributors and Consumers Cross Boundaries”.  It was part of the TechNet series on SharePoint for Internet Business.  This article provides an overview of the webcast and access to the recorded webcast, the presentation deck, and separate videos of the live demonstration.

Organizations in the SharePoint community have historically used SP for primarily Intranets.  Increasingly, they are looking to extend SharePoint to more robust web facing scenarios.  This webcast was about using CorasWorks on SharePoint for “business interaction” scenarios that are web facing and outside the firewall.  These are often the core business drivers for organizations to go to the web.  They go beyond one-way (“passive”) public facing web sites.  They cover scenarios that integrate your “external workforce” with your internal users.  Examples are extended business processes, application portals, extranets, and communities of purpose.  


This webcast was a kick off of our go to market to start driving packaged applications and standardized frameworks from CW and partners for Web facing scenarios.  These efforts are targeted at reducing the time, risk, and cost and increasing the flexibility and robustness of solutions that leverage SharePoint on the web.

The webcast provided the following:

A top down overview of Business Interaction scenarios and how they fit into a “web” strategy   

  • Presenting the core business value of these types of scenarios which is to leverage your external workforce in solutions where external and internal workers work together seamlessly
  • We introduced the X Design Pattern which is at the  core of these scenarios and how it supports Cloud-to- On-Premise deployments and the dual roles of contributors and consumers for each
  • We presented 3 case studies where organizations have used the X Design Pattern for an Application Portal, an Extranet (business network), and a CommunityX Design
  • We provided an overview of the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset and how it supports the X Design and business interaction scenarios (today on SP2007 and into SP2010)
  • We did a live demonstration of a Community Extranet in the Cloud integrated with an on-premise Intranet – the Omega Product Community
  • We introduced a pre-packaged solution (to be released to the CorasWorks App Store and to CorasWorks in the Cloud in December), the Community Services Suite, by Spirit EDV-Beratung that we used in the live demonstration for the Community Extranet

Click here to view the recorded 58 minute webcast.  In addition, click here to download the presentation deck in PDF format.

Further, we have separately prepared a set of 3 videos that cover just the live demonstration where we show the Omega Community on the Extranet in the Cloud. They are:



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