CorasWorks Zen on 2010 – Experience the new look of apps

Adam just posted a 5 minute video of CorasWorks Zen on 2010, check it out  Here is what you’ll experience.

Along with some cool music, you’ll see the new SharePoint 2010/CorasWorks interface.  We’ll be flipping through an Employee Onramp app, some distributed self service UI’s, and a Line of Business database app.

You’ll get a feel for the new web UI look and feel.  The power of Ajax forms and modal dialogs.  Cool flash based gauges, graphics, and visual displays.  Context sensitive user actions and webified navigation.  You’ll see the new ribbon bar with the CorasWorks “flip side” to work full screen in your “app mode” and then flip back to your ribbon bar based “content mode”.

Welcome to the CorasWorks Zen on 2010.


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