App Store Apps: FREE to CW Customers on PASM

About half of the apps in the App Store are published by CorasWorks.  Of these CW apps, half have a list price.  However, if you are a CorasWorks customer on Premier Annual Support & Maintenance (PASM) , they are FREE to you.  The way the ecommerce checkout works it may not appear that they are Free.  So, lets walk through it.


 The Real Short Story

To get the CW Apps for FREE:

-  you need to be a CorasWorks Customer on active Premier Support & Maintenance (PASM)

-  you need to be logged into the Community

-  you need to be a CorasWorks Administrator (one of the people with rights to download CorasWorks software (the bits) from My Place)


The Longer Version

Most of our customers are on PASM.  As part of PASM, you get the apps published by CorasWorks in the App Store for FREE.  If you are not on PASM, then, you need to pay list for the apps.

All apps to be downloaded, whether they have a list price or are free all go through the same checkout process. You add them to your cart, go to checkout, then, you download them.

If you go to the App Store and you are not logged into the Community, then, all of the apps will show their standard list price when you add them to your cart.  This includes those apps published by CorasWorks that should be free to you as a customer on PASM.

Thus, whenever you go to the App Store, it is important that you first log in.  This is the only way for our system to know that you are a PASM customer and if you are the CorasWorks Administrator with rights to download apps.  This needs some explanation. 

CorasWorks Administrators are the people that we have on record that have download rights to CorasWorks software bits via My Place (formerly Central).  While the apps are different (being DLL-Free software vs. software product bits), only the CorasWorks Administrators are known by our system to be people that have PASM rights.  So, the way it works is as follows:

-  if you are the CorasWorks Administrator, log in, and when you add CW Apps to your cart that have a list price, they will show up as FREE.

-  If you are a customer of CorasWorks on PASM, but, not the account administrator, when you add CW apps to your cart, they will show a price. 

-  If you would like to be added as a CorasWorks Administrator, please make this request of your administrator. 

-  If you don’t know who this is, then, send an email to and we will figure this out for you.


We hope that this clarifies how it works. 


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