AppEngine – What is in it? What is not?

In my last post I gave a brief intro to the AppEngine for SharePoint.  In this post, I’ll drill into the details of what is in it and what it not?  This is important for those that are building apps for the AppEngine as a target app platform, whether you are an independent application publisher, a custom solution provider, or, part of an in-house builder team.  It is certainly not exhaustive, but, it does cover the key features.


 Core Workplace Suite System engines

The AppEngine includes most of the capabilities required to run any application that you build using the CorasWorks Workplace Suite v10.2.  To support this natively, it includes the same core system engines of the Suite, consisting of:

-  CorasWorks Installation Manager

-  CorasWorks Data Engine

-  CorasWorks Display Engine

-  CorasWorks Management Engine

-  CorasWorks Action Framework


 Included User Interface Extensions

It includes the following capabilities that allow you to create and customize display web parts for the UI leveraging the core engines above:

-  Display Wizard for Customization of Navigation and Displays

-  Grid Display

-  Calendar Display

-  Chart Display

-  Menu Navigation

-  Tree View Navigation

-  Up To Navigation


Supported Runtime Features:

The AppEngine provides runtime support for the following features that are typically part of an app built using the Workplace Suite:

-  Support for Central Views

-  Support for Standard New, Edit, View Forms for SharePoint

-  Support for Custom Action Forms

-  Support for the Action Launcher

-  Support for Document Upload and Document Creation Using Templates

-  Support for Email Notification and Email Actions

-  Support for Publishing Actions and End-User Selected destinations

-  Support for standard Create, Modify, Delete, and Print Document Actions

-  Support for Snaplets – local or central view based

-  Ability to Copy a Central View to a Local View

-  Support for Central Configuration Sites

-  Support for Global Navigation

-  CorasWorks Central Configuration

-  Support for Parent-Child views of any type

-  Support for Global Links

-  Support for site directories for portfolio management

-  Support for Lock-Down

-  Support for Local and One Touch application configurations

-  Support for Data Connections across data types, sites, site collections, and web applications

-  Support for Displays using Data Integration Toolset data providers to SharePoint and External data sources

-  Workplace ID custom field for Generating Unique ID’s


What Capabilities are not Included

The following capabilities are not included in the AppEngine:

-  Ability to Attach a Central View to a Local Display

-  Ability to Add or Remove Actions from a Local Display

-  List Activation Triggers and Scheduled Activity Timers

-  Builder Wizards – all of those appearing in Site Settings – Actions Wizard, Central Views Wizard, List Activation Wizard, Scheduled Activity Wizard, Master Page Wizard, and Global Links Manager

-  The Data Integration Toolset and its capabilities are not included

-  Design Migrator


The bottom line is pretty much that if you build it with the Suite you can run it, customize it, and connect it up with the AppEngine. You can use the Community Forums or contact support for more questions on features not mentioned here.   In future articles, we’ll be addressing the new “application server” deployment model and how you are now able to have a combined, yet, separate (and less expensive) runtime production web farm and in-line builder environment.



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