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New CorasWorks Customer Center – the Details to Get You Going

This month we released our new CorasWorks Customer Center ( It replaces the CorasWorks Community as the primary place for customers to go to access resources.  Over the years our customer resources got spread out to multiple sites – it happens.  The new Customer Center brings them back together and raises the bar to make it easier for you to add value.  In this article I’ll walk you through what I think are important details to leverage it – why and how.

Before getting into details, I am going to give you one solid reason to access the Customer Center and go into the Platform Learning Center – we now have 20+ self-service videos with more than 6 hours of learning content that will save you time and money, and help you add value to your organization.  Use it for yourself and share them with others in your organization.

The Customer Center Tour

When you first visit the site, you will be taken on a tour of key features of the Customer Center. If you don’t have time to explore it now, no problem, you can launch the tour at any time from the main menu at to top of the screen.

The Home Page

Please go there and scan the contents of the page and look at the links.  Most key resources are just one click away. From this home page you can access:

  • Self-registration
  • Base information about our software and solutions
  • Download our software
  • All CorasWorks events
  • Access Requests to Learning Centers
  • Support contact information
  • Our blogs
  • The Learning Centers (Platform and CAPS).


The first thing to do is register for the Customer Center.  It is a self-service system, so when you forget your username or password you can request them from the system.  To register, click the dropdown arrow next to Login. A Customer Success advocate will respond promptly and ensure that you are linked to your company account. This will allow you to access all of the great content in the Learning Centers.


Accessing the Learning Centers

We have two Learning Centers that are part of our Customer Center:

  • Platform Learning Center (for all audiences)
  • CAPS Learning Center (for web developers).

To have access to a Learning Center you must be an employee of a customer on active Premier Annual Support and Maintenance.

To request access, from the home page, click on the Request Access link for the Learning Center you want to access as shown below in red below.  We will verify that you are part of an active PASM account and provide you with access.


Platform Learning Center and Self-Service Videos

The Platform Learning Center has gotten simpler.  The primary contents are a number of self-service videos (the #1 reason to go here as above). We have found videos to be the easiest thing to consume and the fastest to broaden the base of usage.

Request access and access the videos.  You’ll see the menu of options on the left as shown below.  Share the links and content with others in your organization.


CAPS Learning Center

The CAPS (CorasWorks Application Service) API is designed for web developers.  This Learning Center is web developer oriented with examples, code snippets, and configuration code generators.  Note that when we talk code in the CAPS world, we really mean a low code approach, it is for the web developer, no compiled C# here.  You just don’t need it anymore to do really cool stuff. For example, the entire Customer Center is built using CAPS, Bootstrap, and classic web developer tools. You just don’t need hard-core code anymore to do cool things on SharePoint.

Say, you are working on a solution and need to know how make a request to our API. You simply go to the Learning Center, find a comparable example, use the request builder and generate the code, and paste it into your app, updating the URL to match your own site.

Below is an example of just such as case.



Quick Facts

What is the URL for the Customer Center?

What do I do when I forget my username and password? Go to the home page and click the down arrow next to Log in at the top and make your request.  Takes 30 seconds.

Where do I go to watch self-service videos?  Platform Learning Center

Where do I go to get CAPS help? CAPS Learning Center

How do I download CorasWorks software? Click Downloads at the top of the home page (you must be specified as the active Download user).

If I just need help?  Email support at



CorasWorks Apps in the Cloud on SharePoint

It is time for some apps in the Cloud…  Through a partnership with, the CorasWorks app platform on SharePoint is now available as a service in the Cloud. It is a powerful offering bringing all of the pieces together.  In this article, I’ll give you a quick overview of the new service offerings.

First, our partner. is a leading provider of SharePoint hosting.  They’ve been at it since the beginning.  They provide offerings for WSS and MOSS on a virtualized infrastructure. The way they do it, our customers will have RDP access and can install custom code and apps.  This means that you can control your SharePoint “virtual” server and what runs in it.  Yes, we are all about being DLL-Free, with Ready-for-Work apps, but, every now and then you do need a bit of custom code or a third party app to flesh things out.  With these offerings you can have it your way.

We have brought two offerings to market – AppFoundation for WSS and AppServer for MOSS.  Let’s look at them.

AppFoundation for WSS

AppFoundation for WSS is powered by the CorasWorks Workplace Suite.  You get the full product running on WSS.  You can dial the service up to the level you need.  With the service you get our new Department Starter Set that provides you with a robust, integrated, centrally configured “Intranet/Workplace” framework.  It is set up to go from the get go.  From there, you can go to the App Store and download free or for fee Ready-for-Work apps and plug them in.  You can also customize the apps and environment and even build your own apps.  You are now able to build out a customized, integrated, centrally managed work environment in the cloud.  The cost is $495/month for the CorasWorks service layered on top of the WSS hosting service you choose.  There is no per user fee for CorasWorks or for the apps.  You pay for the fee-based App Store apps on a one time license basis.  

AppServer for MOSS

AppServer for MOSS takes it to the next level.  It includes the Workplace Suite and the CorasWorks Toolset – for the power builder to enhance, extend and integrate the environment.  With the service, in addition to the Department Starter Set, you also get the complete CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management solution (now in v1.2).  The key with the Toolset is that you can now integrate just about everything – across the SharePoint environment and across the cloud.  This means that you can integrate your Extranet in the Cloud with your Intranet, or pump data back and forth to enterprise apps or integrate with other services in the Cloud.  The cost is $795/month (flat) for the CorasWorks layer with the same ability to add in all of the apps from the App Store.

How it delivers Plug and Play Business Productivity

  • The whole stack is pre-integrated – you get the off-the-shelf apps from CW and our growing App Publisher ecosystem, that integrate with each other out-of-the box, powered by the CW app platform, running on the SharePoint collaborative infrastructure, on a world-class managed service
  • This means you can focus on the app layer where the value is for your business
  • You have access to our App Store to feed your app needs and CorasWorks and the online CorasWorks Community to support you
  • The apps are not siloed, they easily integrate with each other as part of one work environment
  • With CorasWorks, you have point and click wizards to customize the apps, connect them up, enhance things and build your own – without the need for custom binary code
  • No per user fees for CW or apps, so you can expand usage and integrate apps without additional cost
  • You have the freedom to manage the environment and install custom code or third party apps whenever you have the need

We are excited to bring this offering to market  We believe that it stacks up well against other app focused cloud offerings.  We hope to see you in the Cloud.


CorasWorks Community Builds Out in 2009

My – what a year it has been.  Thanks for being there, and, I hope you feel we were there for you.  One year ago, CorasWorks didn’t have an online Community at all, we were coming off a new customer acquisition binge, we were running on CorasWorks v9, SharePoint 2010 was no where in sight, and, we were all staring at a very gloomy looking 2009.

In January of 2009, Gary Voight, our CEO sent an email to customers and partners.  In it, when looking forward to 2009, he said “Beyond the current financial crisis we do have several challenges, but the most significant is helping our customers profitably expand the use and value of SharePoint.“

During 2009, we knew that new customer growth would be constrained and that our customers really needed us to help them be productive.  So we focused on helping our customers succeed.  It was definitely the year to make the switch.  Between the Community, our products, our services, and our partners efforts, we have delivered innovation, education, and support to help our customers better use our products to leverage their investment in SharePoint.  In case you’ve missed a few things, here is a rundown of what went down, with a bit of the rationale, and, some color coding to spice things up:

January – We released v1 of the CorasWorks Community to the world.  It was basically Forums, Blogs and a place for downloads.  But, it was built on a very flexible architecture – CorasWorks on SharePoint.  We had the base to start.

February – We started to release initial apps built on v9 of the Workplace Suite to the Community. On February 19, 2009, we released v10 of the Workplace Suite and v1.3 of the Toolset.  With the v10 release, we started the cycle of releasing the Suite with the Toolset at the same time.  The v10 platform was designed to be able to move customers forward with Ajax Forms, Rich Internet Apps and much more.  The plan was for v10 to be designed to be able to bridge customers to SP 2010 – both technically and from a user experience.  Fortunately, Microsoft made us part of the Technology Advisory Program in January of 2009 – so we were able to plan way ahead (and, the plan has worked). 

 March – We started to release core v10 apps such as the Department Dashboard and Central Configuration in the Local and One Touch Editions, and, the Our Workspace app with tutorials to be used to demonstrate simple collaboration on the new v10 platform.

April – On April 29, 2009, we released v10.1 Workplace Suite & v1.4 of the Toolset.  Our customer transition to the v10 platform was heating up.  We included license management in this release.  It was a hassle to our customers, we heard, and we took it out in v10.2.  Thank you for shouting!

May – We released our Help Desk and Work Order Approval apps – representing reference app designs for Departmental LOB apps and Business Processes, respectively.

June – We went to v2 of the Community adding the Resources section.  Since that time the Resources section has grown to have more than 500 items, including more than 120 videos.

July – We expanded the Community (v2.1) to add a formal App Store with ecommerce for our customers and partners.  We began working with a new cadre of App Publishers to build apps for the App Store based on CorasWorks.  Our goal with Apps is simply to eliminate the need for our customers to design and build themselves.  Even with CorasWorks this takes time and knowledge.  With enough Ready-for-Work apps, at low cost, from quality publishers, that are DLL Free, that all work together – customers will be able to focus on customization and integration and vastly increase productivity.

August – We released v10.2 of the Suite/Toolset – our current shipping version.  We also released the CorasWorks AppEngine as a runtime/customization environment for Apps – providing a low cost way for organizations to run apps and leverage the extensive set of core CorasWorks capabilities.  The first wave of App Publisher apps on v10 hit the App Store addressing classic business problems like Purchase Request, Time Off, Help Desk, Software License Management, etc.

September – CorasWorks released our Project Portfolio Management solution which is quickly becoming a cornerstone app for customers, and, is a reference architecture for project solutions.  We also initiated our new Community Update (bi-monthly now) to inform customers and partners of new updates within the Community.  We announced technical integration partnerships with other SharePoint ISV’s including Syntergy for Replication and AvePoint for backup and administration.

October – We had a great time at the SharePoint 2009 conference where we released CorasWorks for SharePoint 2010.  This product, built for SP2010 Beta 1, put us 9 months ahead of where we were in the SharePoint 2007 product cycle.  It also laid the groundwork for our v10.3 release in January 2010 that will bridge customers from 2007 to 2009 without requiring code changes.   We also announced our joint venture with to take CorasWorks Apps to the cloud (launch January).

November – We opened up our App Publisher program to new partners and began our formal App Publisher onramp.  We also announced our new push of CorasWorks for the web, leveraging the Toolset, in a webcast with Microsoft and highlighting the really-webby Community Services Suite from Spirit (release January).

December – We launched our new online Web Based Training 5 modules and 27 videos to broaden and make it easier for “builders” to learn to customize and build with CorasWorks.  We began launching new waves of App Publishers and their apps ranging from Conference Room Scheduling to Collaborative Hubs to Sales Force Management – many for Free.  And, I did the research and wrote this article :)

So, all in all, quite a bit of activity.  The Community is taking off and we are thrilled with the interaction and engagement.  In truth, it was a building year.  We’ve had to learn how to be responsive with the online community.  I’ve heard that these efforts did help our customers in 2009. And, we did just fine.  But, what it has really done is highlighted how much more is needed to really blow out our customer and partners success with CorasWorks on SharePoint.  We have a long and continuous path now towards plug-and-play business productivity.  The good news, is that we feel that the whole system and community to deliver this value is now in place for great results in 2010.

2010 starts tomorrow.  We will be hitting January big – with the v10.3/1.6 (Suite/Toolset) release - the bridge from SP2007 to SP2010.  With the launch of CorasWorks in the Cloud.  With the launch of lots more Ready-for-Work apps from many more partners and CorasWorks.  With the introduction of CorasWorks Building Blocks – a whole new genre of apps for builders that have grown out of what we learned this year.  And, plans for a lot of improvements in the Community and our content.

Now, I go to celebrate.  Monday, I’ll be back at it.  Talk to you in 2010.


Online Web Based Training Available for CorasWorks on SharePoint

Increasingly, CorasWorks is being used by people new to SharePoint and outside of the IT department.  In order to make CorasWorks training more available to a broader audience, we’ve added online, structured Web Based Training (WBT) to the Resources section of the CorasWorks Community. This makes it easier and more convenient for all of your “builders” across your organization to learn how to customize, connect, and build with CorasWorks on SharePoint.  They simply need to register as a member of the Community (anyone can) and then they can access the WBT.

There are 5 WBT modules with 27 videos in all. It is a total of 3 hours of training material.  The training targets the starting “builder” using the Workplace Suite v10.  It is an excellent primer for power users in your business groups to learn to customize apps on their own.  It is also is a great starting place for “builders” that are building apps with CorasWorks.

To access it:

  1. Go to the CorasWorks Community
  2. Log-in or click Register (link at the top) to register for the community
  3. Go to the Resources tab
  4. Go to the Video Library resource and select the view (in the upper left hand corner of the display) named Video Library – by Training Module .

The modules are:

  • WBT – 01 Introduction to Workplace Suite v10 (6 videos)
  • WBT – 02 Data Displays General (4 videos)
  • WBT – 03 Using the Display Wizard (8 videos)
  • WBT – 04 Calendar Displays (4 videos)
  • WBT – 05 Chart Displays (5 video)

Most of the videos in each module have a short quiz at the end to test what you learned – good luck earning your gold star!


App Store Apps: FREE to CW Customers on PASM

About half of the apps in the App Store are published by CorasWorks.  Of these CW apps, half have a list price.  However, if you are a CorasWorks customer on Premier Annual Support & Maintenance (PASM) , they are FREE to you.  The way the ecommerce checkout works it may not appear that they are Free.  So, lets walk through it.


 The Real Short Story

To get the CW Apps for FREE:

-  you need to be a CorasWorks Customer on active Premier Support & Maintenance (PASM)

-  you need to be logged into the Community

-  you need to be a CorasWorks Administrator (one of the people with rights to download CorasWorks software (the bits) from My Place)


The Longer Version

Most of our customers are on PASM.  As part of PASM, you get the apps published by CorasWorks in the App Store for FREE.  If you are not on PASM, then, you need to pay list for the apps.

All apps to be downloaded, whether they have a list price or are free all go through the same checkout process. You add them to your cart, go to checkout, then, you download them.

If you go to the App Store and you are not logged into the Community, then, all of the apps will show their standard list price when you add them to your cart.  This includes those apps published by CorasWorks that should be free to you as a customer on PASM.

Thus, whenever you go to the App Store, it is important that you first log in.  This is the only way for our system to know that you are a PASM customer and if you are the CorasWorks Administrator with rights to download apps.  This needs some explanation. 

CorasWorks Administrators are the people that we have on record that have download rights to CorasWorks software bits via My Place (formerly Central).  While the apps are different (being DLL-Free software vs. software product bits), only the CorasWorks Administrators are known by our system to be people that have PASM rights.  So, the way it works is as follows:

-  if you are the CorasWorks Administrator, log in, and when you add CW Apps to your cart that have a list price, they will show up as FREE.

-  If you are a customer of CorasWorks on PASM, but, not the account administrator, when you add CW apps to your cart, they will show a price. 

-  If you would like to be added as a CorasWorks Administrator, please make this request of your administrator. 

-  If you don’t know who this is, then, send an email to and we will figure this out for you.


We hope that this clarifies how it works. 


Community v2 – New App Store and Resources v2.0

Over the last few months we’ve gotten some good input about the CorasWorks Community – thanks for providing the feedback.  Before this week the CorasWorks Community v1 had our downloadable apps bundled with support and learning items in one Resources section.  We’ve now changed that.

 New App Store

The first thing we did was to create a new section called App Store.  This contains just the downloadable Ready-For-Work apps from CorasWorks and Partners.   The apps in the App Store have no additional compiled code; that is all in your product software.  So, any of the apps from any vendors all run on CorasWorks software and can work with one another, be integrated, and be reused. (NOTE: The underlying CorasWorks product software is still only accessible via My Place.)

Now, with the new App Store there are a few changes. 

We’ve changed the App categories as follows:

  • Business Applications – These are “classic” specific-purpose business apps.  They are generally site-based, or multi-site or distributed.  An example is Time Off Management from R3 Business Solutions
  • Add-Ons – These are add-on features for your SharePoint work environment – generally not site-based.  These can be added into any site within your SharePoint environment, including the Business Applications – examples are What’s New and Workplace Reporter displays and reports.
  • Integration and Application Services – This is a new category.  CW and partners will be adding a growing number of apps here.  There are integration apps, such as integration of SharePoint with and MS CRM.  And, we have Application Services that are central services with distributed functionality for things like Content Distribution Services, Cloud Integration Services, and Enterprise Application Mash-Ups.
  • Building Blocks – For Community v1 this category used to contain what are now Add-Ons.  Now, this category will contain just those elements to be used by builders who are building their own apps – examples are starter templates and web service connection files.

We’ve also added new types of listings with metadata and changed the Browse By categories.  You can now see at a glance if the app is FREE or for FEE.  You can see what CorasWorks product(s) it runs on.  You can also use the Product Browse By category to see all of the apps for a given product.

Who can download the apps?  We’ve gone back and forth on this one with our customers.  For the App Store, only individuals that have download rights to CorasWorks product software can download the apps.  If you are a user in a company with CorasWorks software, just send the “downloader” an email for the app using the Email This Page feature on the page of each app.

 The Upgraded Resources v2.0

We have now focused the Resources section on providing the support and learning resources customers need to succeed.  We have broken it down into individual types of Resources that are like mini-apps.  For instance, we’ve added more than 70 videos to the Video Library with product overviews and tutorials.  We’ve also consolidated the content from the Data Integration Toolset community into the main Community Resources.

One feature you’ll find for most of the grid-based Resources is an email action called Fetch.  Right click on an item to bring up the context sensitive menu and choose the action Fetch.  Enter your email address and the system will send you (and/or anyone you add) an email with the content and/or link to content for the item (BTW, we DO NOT store your email addresses).  This way you’ll actually have the content you want in your inbox and don’t have to always go back to the Community.  It’s also helpful if you want to send other users content without having to push them into the Resources section, which could be a bit overwhelming.

Over time, you’ll see more content, additional features and new Resources coming on line.  This initial set came from customer feedback.

So, give the App Store and Resources v2.0 a try, and, keep the feedback coming…


CorasWorks Community

The Significance to SP Community of Gartner Selecting CorasWorks as “Cool Vendor in Content Management for 2009”

Yup, Gartner selected CorasWorks as one of the four Cool Vendors in Content Management for 2009.  Here is our press release about it. Pretty cool.  We think it really marks a shift in the perception of SharePoint that bodes well for all in the space – here’s why…

Remember, we are talking about the content management category.  This year you had four vendors: one for search ontologies, one for content migration, one with an alternative open source content platform to SharePoint, and then, CorasWorks for our modular application development system on SharePoint (the only SP pure play of the bunch).  In the 2009 report, the word SharePoint occurs 21 times.  In the 2008 report, the word SharePoint DID NOT appear. The four vendors were classic content management solutions.

We believe that the SharePoint flavor of the report and our inclusion this year as a Cool Vendor denotes some big changes in the perception of SharePoint as follows: a) SharePoint is recognized as THE leading “XX” platform, b) they acknowledge the maturity of the ISV ecosystem by picking CorasWorks, a pure play SharePoint ISV, c) they acknowledge SharePoint as a viable application platform (business apps and processes vs. just content-centric), and, d) they recognize the technology category convergence that is happening driven by the major platform superpowers.  I’ll talk a bit about each of these.

Over the last 12 months there have been many analyst reports about SharePoint as the “new file share”, and, at most as a platform for collaborative/content-centric work.  We feel that many analysts miss the point about Microsoft’s platform adoption strategy.  It is patient, deliberate, from content up, and, relies on a partner ecosystem.  To support the point, over the last 5 years, CorasWorks has established a very large and solid base of successful customers that leverage SharePoint as primarily an application platform.  We’ve always been about apps and have gotten much better over our 4 generations of products since 2003 (my blog about the CW product evolution).  To our customers, their workplace on SharePoint is the place for departmental applications, business processes, LOB extensions, and even database applications.  Building the applications, managing them, integrating them is enabled by CorasWorks.  To give you a sense, our 1,000+ customers have more than 1,000,000 deployed users, which makes our existing ecosystem is about the same size as (in number of users and probably number and type of application).  And, we are just one application ISV on SharePoint.

So, how does this map to content management?  In my white paper “Solution Quadrant on SharePoint for 2009”, released in January, I frame the solution space on SharePoint for 2009 with content-centric applications (like a workspace) and activity-centric applications (like a business process).  Historically, there has been a divide.  However, as you see in the Quadrant show below, the two types of “solutions” are now part of the work environment on a single platform.  What is happening is that layers of technology and value are appearing on top of the base foundation to make higher-level applications and this integrated work environment possible and practical.

quadrantv4 640

I think Gartner deserves some credit.  I spoke with them back in 2004, and, they were rather critical of SharePoint for ECM and didn’t really accept the ecosystem’s value at that time.  They didn’t just jump on the bandwagon.  Over the years, they’ve watched.  They now feel that SharePoint has come into its own, that the ecosystem has matured, that it is a broad platform that does enable an integrated business environment and they now believe that it is time to say so.  You have to respect this restraint.

Further, I believe that Gartner and some other analysts are recognizing a certain convergence of technology categories around the “platform” vendors.  This is really interesting as the platforms and the layers of functionality and business use on top of it start to cross or obliterate previous technology/solution categories.  It will be interesting to watch how the analysts, who themselves are siloed by category in their work structure, respond to this convergence over the next 3 years.  I expect their categorizations to change, even to create platform specific ecosystems.

Well, it is great to be a recognized Cool Vendor, I just hope this doesn’t mean that I have to start being cool and dressing in black and all.


Posted by William Rogers on 5-Apr-09

Welcome to “William’s Blog”

Hello all. Welcome to my blog. I am one of the founders of CorasWorks and serve as our Chief Workplace Architect. You might call me the “Vision Guy”. I try to keep tabs on the SharePoint space, the software industry, and the new ways that people are looking to use software to create value.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about a lot of different things – the industry, the solutions market on SharePoint, CorasWorks and the Community, application design, workplace design, cool applications and solutions in our community, and how organizations are finding ways to create value in this new world of modular software. What I won’t be talking about are bits and bytes. We’ll leave that to our “From the Field” blog and other places in the Community.

During the past 4 months, I’ve authored 4 white papers in our “Modular Application Development” series. They cover the kinds of topics that I’ll be talking about in this blog. You can go to the Blueprints section of Resources and download them to get a sense of how seeds I’ll plant here can germinate.

If you have things to say or subjects you’d like to hear about, just go ahead and make those comments. I look forward to chatting with you.

Welcome to the CorasWorks Community

It’s a new year, and now, we have a new way to work together. The Community is not just about interacting with CorasWorks (the primary purpose of CorasWorks Central), but, is designed to encourage interaction and sharing amongst our 1,200 customers, our 5,000 builders and developers, and our 1,000,000+ end-users.

2009 is definitely a year where we all need to drive business value. Our hope is that the CorasWorks Community is a vehicle that allows you to leverage your investment in CorasWorks and SharePoint in order to do just that. Our Community has the features you’d expect, such as Forums, Blogs, and How To’s. In addition, we have a section called Resources. Within Resources you’ll find downloadable Applications and Building Blocks that are ready-for-work. If you are running CorasWorks, you can download these items and immediately put them to use.

 A little background… Since we began in 2003, we have focused on IT and the application builder/developer. We have been focused on enabling people to use our products to design and build applications on SharePoint. We have done this through our product, documentation, training, support, and professional services. Along the way, as our products get used in organizations, we have begun to increasingly interact with business users. They typically want the application first, and get into customization options later. They are trying to improve a business process to increase productivity.

Accordingly, with the Community we are adding a new layer of “products” to support the business user. We are investing in off-the-shelf Applications and Building Blocks. With CorasWorks, you already have the application-enabling platform installed; now, we are providing you with the Application – for FREE! You just snap them in and get to work. The key is that because you run CorasWorks, you can take an Application from the community, install it, and use it without having to “twiddle” any bits.

It also means that you can make improvements and post the resulting Application back into the community. Or, a partner can create their own applications and post them in the community – for FREE or for a price. All CorasWorks customers can use all of these without having to install and support separate software (the .dll’s).

We see this aspect of the Community as a practical way to add value. Visit the Community and download a few applications and building blocks and you’ll see what I mean. We are committed to providing an ongoing supply of free Applications and Building Blocks. The vision, of course, is that the community responds in kind.

A couple of notes to get you started with the Community:

-  If you are a CorasWorks Central user, you already have an account, so just go to the home page and login with your Central user name and id. As a customer on our Premier Annual Support and Maintenance you’ll have FREE access to download Applications, Building Blocks, and Blueprints (Design documents and Technical Solutions).

-  The Community is open to Guests. Guests can browse most of the information in the Community.

-  If you Register and become a Member, you’ll be able to make comments, bookmark items, work in the Forums, and download more Resources, such as Blueprints.

So, welcome to 2009 and the new CorasWorks Community. I look forward to seeing you all online.